Roulette Cheats - Methods to Win Roulette

The Martingale System

If you would ask, which the most popular Roulette strategies around are, then the Martingale System comes out as the answer 90 out of 100 times. Most of the players, even veterans, believe that this strategy is the best system to win large money at Roulette. But at the same time, a few also think that you are more likely to get ruined if you stick with this system. The system works in the following way:

  • You start by placing a fixed betting amount. For an example, say $2.
  • You continue to bet with $2 till you lose a bet.
  • And, once a bet is lost, the wager is increased to $4.
  • In case you are able to win the bet, then the wager is returned to $2.
  • In case you lose the bet, the wager is increased to $8.
  • The wager is doubled for every bet till you win.

The wager is doubled on the concept that as and when you win, the whole money that has been lost will be recovered. In this system the bet amount increases very rapidly. Hence, you need to have a big bankroll in order to use this strategy. Even if this is true, you stand the chance of breaking continuous loss before 9 bets are made. This is because the chance of losing 9 bets is around 0.00313 in American version and 0.0025 in the European version of Roulette.

Similar to any other roulette strategy, this system also comes with risk. But in its case, the risk in the form of monitory loss and not of criminal form.

Five Number Roulette Strategy

In the Five Number Roulette strategy you place five inside bets on five different numbers. You should start with a table that has a low bet. Say, you have selected a table having a minimum bet of $1. Then you buy forty chips of $1 each. The large number of chips will control any losses. Inside bet wagering gives you a winning return of 35 to 1. So, when one number hits on your bet of $1, you would get $35 in return. And, if you win 2 times successively, your money will be doubled.

Red/Black Roulette Strategy

The Red-Black System is the same with the Martingale System. But the only difference is that the bets are placed on Red and Black colors. In this system the payout is in 1 to 1 on the bet. The chance of winning on the colors is slightly below 50%.

Two things are essential for this system:

  • In order to take this system to an advanced level a partner is essentially required.
  • At the best, you should anticipate to leave the table even.

The reason for expecting only a breakeven is because you would be betting on one color and your partner would be betting on another color. And if you work as a team, the loss will not be big. But, since you would be wagering big, you can get bonuses from the casino that will almost be equal to money. All you need to take care of is that you should not be found along with the partner in the casino.