Thrilling Casino Facts

We are sure that you already know much about gambling, however there are still some interesting points that most players miss. Below you will find some of the most interesting gambling facts and details, and some of them will not only be good for you to read, but also you will be able to use them in your following gambling. So let us read them and see what we can get out from that.

1. Dices, that today belong to the casino gambling games equipment, that is used both in online casinos and land-based gambling houses, were used for the prediction of the future.

2. In 1638 the first law that restricted gambling appeared. It happened in USA, Massachusetts.

3. Today Nevada is known as the gambling state, and until 1931 gambling has also been prohibited there. Only in 1931 Nevada has legalized gambling and become of the first gambling states.

4. Cheating is one of the most commonly used methods used in casinos to play games.

5. Slot machines is the most popular casino games. Beside, slot games bring the highest profits to casinos.

6. There are two major bingo variations – European one that uses 75 balls and American bingo played with 90 balls .

7. It is not a coincidence that Roulette is known as the Devil’s game. The matter is that the total of all number on the roulette wheel is 666, and as you know that is the number of Devil himself.

8. Poker is not only a gambling game, but also a sports event. If gambling is prohibited in your country, you can always enjoy that game and even take part in professional tournaments.

9. Game known for its highest jackpots is slot machine Mega Moolah. Its average jackpot is $3.000.000. Do you want to win it?

10. The highest number of casinos in USA you will find at Nevada state. In Europe the best place for gambling is Monaco. In Asia – Macau.

11. Playing at land-based casino it is always complicated to control time. The matter is that there are no clocks and windows.

12. About 24% of Americans play gambling games. In Australia this number is 80%.

13. Gambling addiction is not a myth. Today it is treated like drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

14. Gambling is one of the most-loved movie themes. You will find lots of TV series that feature gambling. Besides, there is a huge number of movies that feature gambling.

15. The best guide to traditional gambling is books writer by professional players.

16. Most of the winnings at traditional casinos are taxed.

17. In Australia winnings are not taxed, and you get all amount of the money you won!

18. Card counting won’t work at online casinos, as decks are reshuffled after each deal.