Versions of Online Games

Just 15 years ago there were only several dozens of online casinos that offered a hundred of games to their visitors. Today the number of casinos is really huge, and you can hardly count all of them, and the number of games is really countless, as all fame developers try to create something new but really attractive for gamblers.

Fortunately, modern choice of casinos and games makes gambling ideal for everyone. Besides, today you can even choose whether you want to play these games using download or non-download software (known also as flash games).

Both software types are good for players, but each of them has some features that may be attractive for you only. Let us compare the details of each software type to make the choice a little bit easier.

Download Software

As the name states, you should download this software into your computer. Download software usually provides games of the highest quality and the strongest scam-protection systems are used. The image and sounds are very realistic, and besides, you can always try live dealers games. The game play is quick and does not depend on the quality of your internet. With download software you have quick access to your account.

No Download Software

You should not waste your time looking for the software that suits you operation system and technical characteristics of your computer. Besides, modern no download software offer games of such high quality that they are perfect as those presented in download software. You can play no download software from any computer and no one will know that you played gambling games!

Besides, in most cases the choice of games presented in flash version is very big. You may play internet blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, all of the popular slot machines just clicking at the icon of the game!

Do not forget, that in many online casinos you can use no download software for playing free games only. It means that you cannot place real money bets, just play with virtual game credits. In fact, this is rather good option for players, as you can try any of the game before you decide to place a couple of bets there.