Best Roulette Tips to Folllow

In order to play roulette successfully, you should follow some of the roulette tips and recommendations. They will not guarantee you a win, but they can affect your money budget, as they will keep you from losses. Besides, these tips can reveal you a secret of improving your game odds. Though roulette is a game of true chance, there are some important details that you should know about its variations and bets that you can place.

Tips and Tricks

  • Tip #1 Find the European version of the game, as it has increased winning chances. This is because the American roulette table has an extra slot that lowers your chances.
  • Tip #2 Don’t try exotic blackjack strategies such as Martingale (a negative progression method). However, if you insist on using strategies, you should find a great positive progressive strategy such as Parlay.
  • Tip #3 Find a casino that gives you the option to surrender. This way, you could get some of your money back in case of a tied game.
  • Tip #4 Try to rely on your luck and inspiration. With a small winning chance of 1 to 37, you can be sure that the majority of strategies for the roulette game are useless
  • Tip #5 Betting on “0” and the neighbored numbers is useless, as the house advantage in this combination is 8 %
  • Tip #6 Free roulette games can be found in the majority of online casinos. Practice on those free rooms and apply your learned strategies there without any risks.
  • Tip #7 Don’t bet borrowed money. Roulette playing is supposed to be fun; therefore, if you were using money from your friends, you won’t be comfortable with your play.
  • Tip #8 Read the guides, hints, strategies, and the terms and conditions of the site. Furthermore, see if the table of your choice has certain conditions or an entrance fee.
  • Tip #9 The odds and your chances are proportional. Therefore, you will have higher chances to win on a 1:2 odds bet than on a 1:38 odds bet. Moreover, the 1:38 odds bet is paid 1:35, so you must think carefully before placing it.
  • Tip #10 Don’t make concessions on your strategy. If you proposed yourself to win 10 dollars on a table, leave it as soon as you have the desired sum, even if you are on a winning spree.
  • Tip #11 Roulette systems are useless, unless we are talking about money management strategies. The roulette is based on pure luck; therefore, you would only need to watch your bankroll. Smart betting is the secret of successful roulette players.
  • Tip #12 Find a roulette table with the 'en prison' feature. This way, you can recover some of the lost money.