Betting Systems

No matter what you are doing, you should always have some strategy to follow. In gambling, right strategy may be you only key to success. Though many players believe that the only thing that can help you to win in casinos is luck, in many cases luck is not enough.

Most of the gambling games have their own strategies to follow. Some of them are commonly accepted and used by all players (like card counting in blackjack), others are developed by players personally (all bluffing methods used in poker). There are also strategies that can be used in all games, though they do not influence the game by themselves. These strategies are called money management strategies and they can be of different types.

Most of the money management strategies are based on the process of placing bets correctly. Usually such strategies are used in games where you need to place a bet, not to buy cards (like in bingo), though any of them can be remade in the favor of a player.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale strategy is a type of probability theory that has been involved in gambling for creating a sequence of moves that in result leads to success. According to Martingale strategy, you should double up your bet each time you lose, and when you win you should place the initial size of your bet. Being of the most frequently used strategies, Martingale has some disadvantages that make it unfavorable to players. Implementing of Martingale is practically impossible for high-rollers, as the table limits are quickly reached.

Labouchere Strategy

This strategy is perfect for players who like to have everything noted. For this strategy you need to write down a sequence of numbers in random order. Each your bet will be comprised with the first and last number of the sequence. When numbers have been used, you exclude them from the sequence and continue betting with following numbers.

D’Alembert Strategy

This is probably the most perfect strategy among all that exist in modern casinos. According to its rules, you should add one betting unit to your bet each time you lose, and subtract one unit each time you win. If the betting limits of the table are high enough, you may add and subtract higher sums of money.

These three are basic strategies that are used more frequently than others. Still, there is rather big number of betting methods that you can try to use. Remember, the style of your gambling depends on you only, and you should choose the way to play the game.