History of Roulette Game

The word roulette came from French and means small wheel. By the opinion of many people the roulette wheel was invented by Blaise Pascal in 1655. Blaise Pascal was a French scientist, who was famous for his works in a field of probability. Roulette was first cooperated in a monastery for reliving the boredom. By the time this game became a regular casino entertainment in Paris. This game was regarded as a game for intelligent and glamorous people. In Monte Carlo the first casino was established in 1842 by Luis Blanc and Francois and there they also had roulette.


Then two men decided to add the numbers zero to thirty six, the sum of these after adding together became 666. Some tell that is evidence that roulette is a devil game. Actually there is no exact proof of this story but it is true that roulette was a popular game as in present time!

Roulette Gains Popularity

The modern roulette wheel along with odd/even numbers and different colors was first used in France that means in French casino. After some years roulette became popular in US. That was a time of early 1800s. Roulette was favorite game for those people who used to earn their living by relying on chance, patience, superstition and luck. Gold speculators and Western miners embraced roulette and after then it gained more popularity in US. It was most popular in western area in times of Gold Rush.

New Roulette Type

By the time the Americans starts to dislike the European roulette and added an extra zero. The history was changed because they modified the roulette wheel by adding double zero. The reason of this change is that Americans were not pleased with the low house edge of European roulette. So they modified the roulette wheel with 31 pockets. This increased the house edges. By the way, if you want to choose roulette then it will better for you to choose European roulette.

It is true that the "00" and "0" roulette wheel invented in France but "00" roulette became recognized as American roulette wheel. The reputation of the single 0 wheels was replaced by the "00" wheel in Europe and after the invention of "French wheel".

However, roulette is the most played casino game in the world because it is very simple to play and its payoff is also big 35:1. Almost all casino house offers this game and the crowds of roulette table are always big. Players can enjoy an amazing environment while playing!