Shuffle Tracking - Way to Beat Casino

It is a true fact, that the more skilled any gambler becomes, the more his/her desire to try apply specific strategies to beat the casino tends to grow.

In card games one of the most frequently used strategies is shuffle tracking, and it is known as the one that requires lots of skills from players, and players use it if they are striving for the increase of winnings and have already found out that the basic strategy is simply insufficient for that.

The advantage play options, in this respect, are, apparently, far more advantageous, than any betting strategy, which sounds perfect only in theory, as they can at least somehow enlarge one's profits, if not help him/her become a millionaire, and the most popular ones among them are recognized to include counting cards and shuffle tracking.

Principles of Shuffle Tracking

Likewise blackjack card counting, shuffle tracking isn't as simple as it may seem at first sight, though it's possible to master this technique, and, consequently, accomplish great results in the game, as long as a player is willing to put his/her efforts into learning all its peculiarities and receiving decent amounts of practice.

The essence of shuffle tracking is rather obvious, as it presupposes the knowledge of which cards have been played and which are yet to be dealt, by means of tracking the process of deck shuffle. In particular, the aim is of this method is connected with finding out, whether it's the small-value, or the high-value cards, which can be received by the gambler in the successive round.

The most commonly-used shuffle tracking method is known to be working on the basis of High/Low card counting method, according to which high-value cards (aces, face cards and 10s) are worth -1 point, whereas the lowest-value cards, like 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s correspond to "+1". It is commonly called "end-shoe count", and the conclusion, concerning the cards, which are likely to be dealt, is made, depending on which total card value is got at the end of the final shoe. This shuffle tracking technique is rather easy to apply, even if a person is an inexperienced gambler, though it can be used only, if the casino dealers prefer "zone shuffle" method.

In a nutshell, shuffle tracking option will definitely enable every player make his/her gaming process unbelievably exciting and also provide him/her with bonus profits, if it's applied properly, of course.