Casino Slots Types and Games

Since the creation of the first slot machines, the range of types of the machines has broadened. The machines vary in the number of reels, the paylines let alone symbols on the reels. Moreover, the introduction of online gambling made a revolution in the world of casino games introducing new features and technologies.

The game of slots and all the slots types are the typical American games that are easy to play but extremely difficult to win. As most of the players will agree there are no tough strategies in slots, there are still some that use different approaches and techniques to win at various slots types.

Slots gamblers agree that slots are one of the most entertaining casino games. And the main thing they do when playing at slots is having fun. With a great variety of slots types available online and in the real casinos now players can choose any game they want according to the payouts and tastes.

Slot Machine Variations

Different slot games can be played now, starting with games that have mechanic reels, and up to online machines. According to the modern classifications, we can distinguish the following slot machines:

  1. 3 reel games
  2. 5 reel games
  3. Multi spin slots
  4. Multi playline slots
  5. Themed slot machines
  6. Progressive slots
  7. Non-progressive slots
  8. Bonus slots

There are also some other features according to which slots can be distinguished, but above the most common features are mentioned. You should also pay attention to the fact, that most of the machines have several of these features combined, that is why it is always better to mention all of the features when you describe the game. E.g. “ I play Fascinating Fruits slot machines, it is 3 reel progressive game”.

All of the slot machine features are attractive in their own way, but for different players different details are important. Always check what if offered to you, and play games that attract you the most.