Casino Video Poker Game Info

Video slot machine is one of the newest games appeared in gambling industry. Being based on poker and slot machines, video slots comprised all their best features, creating a unique game that instantly gained popularity among players.

First video slot machine appeared in 1979 and it was based on the Draw poker games that have been very popular those days. In 1980’s more games appeared and the choice became bigger which attracted more gamblers.

Types of Games

Though initially there was only one type of video poker, today we can count lots of possible game variations. One of the games that is preferred more frequently than other is Jacks or Better. Actually it was the first game appeared on video poker machines, and until now it can be sometimes called as Draw Video Poker. This game has rather big number of low pay variations.

The other video poker type that is loved by many gamblers is Deuces Wild. This game is famous for the wild cards that are used there (they can replace any other card in the hand, and in this way to create a winning combination). In Deuces Wild the wild cards are all twos. Deuces Wild is famous for its hands. The matter is that almost all poker and video poker variations use the same list of hands, but in Deuces Wild the hands are the following: Natural Royal Flush, Four Deuces, Wild Royal Flush, Five of a Kind, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind.

Double Bonus is in fact one of the Jacks or Better variations, but it has some attractive bonus for creating a combination with 4 aces. The other Double Bonus games (called Double Double Bonus) pays additional bonus for each four of a kind combination.

Where to Play

Though all of the traditionally tables games today can be played in video mode (to be more precise, in online casinos), video poker is still loved by players. As traditional draw poker games have lost their popularity, all of the players who love this type of game started to play video poker.

It actually does not matter where you prefer to play, at traditional or online casinos, as video poker games can be found everywhere. Play this game and enjoy its most perfect variations!