Casino Roulette Game - Types of Roulette

Roulette Objective

The main idea of roulette is to pick winning number or numbers that you think will show up on the roulette wheel after the spin. In this game you will be able to bet on a range of numbers, select a colour as well as guess whether the number that will appear is odd or even. While this may seem easy to deal with, it is only the first impression.

Types of Roulette Wheels

There are two types of wheels in roulette. The European one has 37 numbered slots from 0 to 36 with 2.63 as the house edge. On the other hand, the American wheel has 38 slots as it has double zero in addition to the single zero. This addition makes the house edge of the game 5.26%. Roulette is said to be originated in France. The roulette layout that one can find in casinos today is dated far back in 1842. It was the time when gambling etiquette was born.

There are basically two areas for betting in the game of roulette. The inside one consists of single numbers while the outside area consists of boxes on the columns, odd and even, red and black and different groups of numbers. The inside area for betting in the roulette has numbers lined up in 12 rows with 3 numbers in each row.

Before playing, gamblers have to buy casino chips. For the purpose of players distinguishing, each player is given chips of different colour. The chips are valid only during the course of the game and should be given for cash in when the game is over. These chips cannot be exchanged for cash at the cage. There are maximum and minimum betting amounts for every roulette table. Also, players are not allowed to combine the inside and outside bets to meet the minimum amount required. Therefore, if a roulette table has set the minimum bet of $5, then players have to bet a minimum of $5 for the inside and outside each. They are not allowed to bet $3 on the inside and $2 on the outside. The payouts differ according to the type of bet made. The bets on the outside are those given in the boxes that surround the numbers. For instance, the red black odd and even ones are even bets.

Before playing roulette, learn the nuances of the game thoroughly so that you do not even inadvertently make mistakes which might cost you your money. Do check the rule and roulette strategies provided in many resources online and in books. Since this is a game of chance or luck, being aware of tips and techniques may end up helping players get an edge over the others, thereby increasing their chances of winning.