Roulette Terms Explained

Everyone who starts playing the game of roulette should know some basic notions of the game. For the beginners it is easier to start with the terms so that they will be able to use them at whenever it is appropriate to increase the odds.

Roulette Terminology

Bank Roll - sum of money the player is going to spend on gaming in one session.

Biased Wheel - the roulette wheel, which is not perfectly balanced. It means that some numbers will come up more often than others.

Black Bet - the bet, which is made on the black color.

House Edge - the casino advantage over the players. It is usually expressed as a percentage.

Cold Table - the table at which the player or many players lose.

Column Bet - the kind of bet, which covers one of three columns of the numbers.

Comps - "treats" of the casino. They are usually given to the players, who spend much money in the casino. They are usually expressed in free drinks, free food and free stay in the hotel.

Dealer - the person, who is in charge of taking care about the table games.

Dozen Bet - the kind of bet, which is placed on 12 consequent numbers. There are 3 dozen bets possible.

European Wheel - the wheel, which has 36 numbers and one zero pocket.

Even Bet - the bet, which is placed on even numbers. It is paid 1 to 1.

Even Money Bet - the bet that is paid one to one. It can be Red, Black, Even, Odd, High and Low.

Eye in the Sky - type of camera, designed for surveillance inside of the building.

Flat Bettor - the person, who does not change sizes of the bets. The bets are the same all the time.

French Wheel - it is the wheel, which is the same as European one but if you play French Roulette, you will play a bit different rules.

Grind - the player, who bets only small amounts of money.

High Bet - the bet, which covers the numbers 19 through 36.

High Roller - the players, who bets large amounts of money. Usually the high rollers are offered the comps.

Hot Table - the roulette or any other game table, where the players are winning.

Inside Bet - the bet, which is made on the numbered section of the layout in the roulette game.

Layout - a design, which is printed on the table felt. It is meant for placing the bets and marking the winning bets.

Red Bet - the bet, which is placed on the red color and it is paid one to one.