Glossary of Slots Terms

There are some things, that any slot machine player should know. Among those things there are game rules, game tips and secrets how to play games, game odds, and of course, terminology used in the game. The last point is very important one, as if you do not know this information, it will be very difficult to understand what is going on when you sit at the slot machine and randomly push the buttons.

Slot Machine Terms

  • The Coin Size defines the amount of every bet placed on the table.
  • There is not much to say about Coins per Spins, except that gamblers can use more coins with each spin.
  • The Fill denotes the procedure by the means of which, an assistant refills the sack of cash. The latter one runs out of cash after several rounds are played.
  • Hit Rate underlines the extent between lucky and unlucky spins.
  • The Hold is nothing else but the sum of money, which is withheld by the casino. This profit can range from 3% to 15%, depending on the casino's inner policy.
  • The term hopper goes hand in hand with slot machines. Wannabe slot players should know that overflowing hoppers are a real treat, especially if you are chasing after the jackpot. Those, who still have no idea about hoppers, should know that these denote the place where the coins are deposited.
  • Another term that belongs to the "as easy as pie" category is the Max Bet. This is nothing else but the biggest amount that is allowed per spin.
  • A lot of fuss has been made about the Pay Cycle, but all you have to know is that pay cycles are rarely what they promise to be. Initially, they were intended to guarantee the credibility of the casino. It is said, that each casino is bound to pay out after cashing in a certain number of coins. Once this number is reached, the software automatically triggers winning rounds, or at least this is how a best case scenario should look like.
  • Pay Lines define the winning lines within a slot machine. Depending on the casino, there can be slot machines with 3 or 5 lines. Three lines featuring the same symbols are prone to dropping money in your laps.
  • Progressive Jackpots are known to gradually increase the top prize, in other words the more you bet, the bigger the chances of hitting this Jackpot.
  • The Reels are parallel wheels, spinning in the same direction. Each of them has specific symbols printed on. The more reels, the more symbols, hence the smaller the chances of hitting the jackpot. You had better experiment with 3 reeled slot machines.
  • The symbols can represent practically anything, depending on their shapes and colors. Courtesy of modern time manufacturers, the symbols are known for their diversity.
  • Those who have read the definition of the pay cycle can rest assured, as they will understand what a take cycle is. A take cycle is the opposite of a pay cycle.
  • The Tilt Light usually foretells a mechanical failure. Rest assured, as nobody has left a casino, without being properly compensated after a 'coin jam' incident.
  • Top prizes and winning combinations live up to their names, whereas a wild symbol is nothing else than the substitute of the joker.