Advanced Slot Tips for Players

Playing slot machines it is important to follow some tips that may influence your game. The matter is that playing slots you cannot use any real strategy that can bring you a winning, and only useful recommendation can make your results a little bit better.

Tips to Follow

Use the VIP program

Every established casino must have some rewarding program for the most consequent players. Some of them would forget to use the advantages of this program. The VIP points can be used for entering important contests, for playing free game rounds, and even for getting % match to your deposit. Of course, VIP program will not influence the game you play directly, but it will help you to have more money for placing bets. In some cases it can be even better!

Check the Pay Table

The pay table of the slot game is your starting console. Many easy-to-reach combinations with a low payout means the machine would release those earnings more often. Those machines are recommended for the low rollers. For the players looking for the huge progressive jackpots, slots games offering high payouts for 5 symbol combinations are great.

Bet Max for Progressive Jackpots

The progressive jackpots are usually larger than 100 000 dollars. Therefore, winning them with 1 cent per reels bets is out of the question. You must hit the Bet Max button if you want a chance to grab it. Don’t use it for non-progressive machines. Betting 250 dollars per spin hoping for a simple 10 000 dollars bonus is not a great idea.

Learn the Denominations

The candles from the top of the machines would give you a hint about your current denomination. Each color is associated with a certain bet. Sure, you can check your current denomination in the Pay Table, but during an exciting game, you might find this feature helpful.

Claim Your Winnings

If you manage to win some serious money during a slots game, claim your initial investment first. For example, if you begin a game with 1000 dollars on your bankroll and you manage to get 10 000 dollars, withdraw the 1000 initial dollars to your account and play only with the remaining 9000 dollars. This way, you can be sure you won’t lose any dime on the current slots round.

Track Your Playing

If you manage to win more than 1000 dollars on a single game, the casino would report it to the IRS for taxing. However, you could compensate this sum with your losses. If you manage to prove that you lost more money than you have won, you won’t pay anything to the authorities.

Keep your calm

Many players would tend to hurry while hitting the reels. Furthermore, some players would rather play many machines at the same time. This would surely increase the house edge, and you might have hard times calculating the bankroll for all those machines. Don’t forget to cash out as soon as you have your desired income, and withdraw for the game when the machine gets “cold.”